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COLLOID MILL MANUFACTURER IN AHMEDABAD. - All contact parts are made out of SS 316. No casting is used for avoiding contamination problems. - Three oil seals between the motor and the processing chamber to prevent liquid going in the motor winding, resulting in the burning of the motor. - Modified design of semi concave teeth in rotor and stator reduced motor HP and gives better performance in size reduction without damaging the product. - Extended bearing housing specially designed to facilitate fine adjustments of bearing clearances or backlash to avoid metal to metal contact of rotor and stator. - This unique design provides smooth and consistence all round performance and long life of rotor and stator. - Three-way cock for draining and re-circulation of liquids provided as standard. - Contact parts can be easily dismantled for cleaning - Special design facilitates adjustment of grinding gap by an exterior screw by means of handle even during operation. - Flameproof motor and flameproof switch can be provided on request at extra cost.
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